Boys Republic’s Minsu releases full MV for “S.O.S”

On February 27th, Boys Republic member Minsu surprised fans by releasing the full music video for his solo track “S.O.S.”

The rap track features the Boys Republic member walking around enjoying the local night life, and also includes several cuts highlighting the lyrics of the song as well. The dark city lights work well with the singer’s choice of dark casual clothing, and the smooth flow of his rapping also contributes to the relaxing and soothing track.

After about a minute and a half, however, the video cuts into a making film, and viewers are given a peek into the filming of the music video, as well as Minsu working on the arrangement of the track itself. The short making film also revealed that Minsu had directed some of the scenes as well.

Make sure to check out the unique music video for Minsu’s “S.O.S” below: