EXO’s Chanyeol Shows Off His Musical Talent By Producing An Improv Track From EXO-Ls’ Comments

EXO’s Chanyeol knew how to get to the hearts of his fans by creating a song for them on the spot. 

On June 6th, late evening, Chanyeol filmed a livestreaming event with his fans where he showed them a private tour of his studio. As the broadcast continued, he eventually promised to make an impromptu song using the comments made by his fans.

A few hours later, Chanyeol fulfilled his promise by uploading a preview of the song on Instagram with the caption, “Song by MQ, CY. Lyrics by EXO-L,” and further expressed his excitement to sing it together with them.

During the program, Chanyeol also impressed fans with his skills as he released teasers of his own compositions.

The event was part of EXO’s promotions prior to their comeback.

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