Fans claim this gif proves EXO’s friendship is just business

In addition to being one of the most popular and talented groups in the industry, male group EXO has also been praised by fans for how close they are as friends. 

With former members Wu YifanLuhan, and Tao having left the group on unfriendly terms, however, some have questioned the true bond between the members. In fact, after seeing a gif of the group members posing for a photo together, some fans are claiming that the boys’ friendship is in fact just for business. After huddling closely and smiling brightly for a selca together, the group members quickly dissolved their smiles and showed blank faces, shocking fans with how quickly their expressions changed from happiness to apathy.


EXO recently made a comeback with their full album EX’ACT. Check out the two music videos for their songs “Monster” and “Lucky One” below:

Source: Instiz