Mad Clown participates in 1theK’s #hashtag interview

On January 11th, Mad Clown became the 33rd guest on 1theK’s “#hashtag” interview segment for his latest mini-album Piece of Mine.

The video began with a set of adorable outtakes of Mad Clown’s entrance into the scene. He states he likes the dark and closed setting of the interview as it is just like his style. After a few more moments of showing his awkwardness, he introduces himself and the segment begins.

His first hashtag, #Piece_Of_Mine, is the title of his mini-album. He explains that the title is derived from a book he read and enjoyed in his middle school days. The rapper even goes to explain the “Mad” part of his stage name. In thanking the various artists who featured on his tracks, he invited them to eat barbecue or drink tea together.

With his next hashtag #Fire, he tells his first interactions with EXID’s Hani and the music video shooting. Furthermore, he reveals that SISTAR’s Hyorin was the main reason he agreed to sign with Starship Entertainment. As a Hyorin-fan, having the opportunity to work with her became his deciding factor.

Next, as he looks through fan requests for freestyle raps, he cutely performs a section of his song “Luv Sickness.”

#Show_Me_The_Secret has the rapper talking about his signature glasses as he indicates they make him look younger than he is in real life. He shares that his musical idol is his aunt, further revealing that his track “Coffee Copy Lady” was written by his mother and aunt. As for the artist he would like to work with the most, he chose Lee Sun Hee.

In closing with #31, Mad Clown talks about the new stage of life that he has entered and how it differs from his 20s.

Check out the video here: