MEMEME! releases refreshing MV for “You Are My Destiny”

Rock based indie-group, MEMEME! has released the music video for fresh new track “You Are My Destiny” featuring their signature clear harmonies.

Mirrorball Music‘s MEMEME! has been creating a new type of music that they are calling “Myeongil Dong Pop”, which is based off the rock genre but synthesized with different trending music styles. Their unique sound is a refreshing take on the latest trends. MEMEME! aims to make music that people respond positively to and is always interested in new collaborations and new sounds.

Mirrorball Music has signed many K-indie artists and has given these bands creative freedom which has fostered their growth. On their YouTube channel, MEMEME! has released a handful of tracks and their fusion of different genres with rock has delighted listeners and earned them a steady following.

With this new track, MEMEME! presents a fresh new sound with smooth vocals over a distinct rock bass line and drums. The music video highlights some of MEMEME!’s latest live performances with close-up shots of each of the members including their pianist who is known for wearing a gas mask.

Check out their bright new track below!