NC.A charms fans with “Coming Soon” MV

On January 5th, NC.A revealed the full music video to her latest track, “Coming Soon” following the release of her exciting video teaser.

The music video begins with NC.A sitting on her large, comfy bed before getting ready for her day. With pins and clips still in her wavy hair, the adorable singer grabs a mirror to use as a microphone as she dances on her pink bed.

Attempting rap for the first time, she transforms into stripes and pigtails as she picks up the phone and raps her verse. The lyrics describe a girl’s mindset as she prepares to change herself and gain the attention of her love interest.

“Coming Soon” features an eye-catching and fun choreography as well. Nicknamed the “Penguin Dance,” it is a move that highlights the song’s cute nature and is one that fans can dance along with. The backup dancers’ outfits are themed black and white suits that fit the name of the dance as well.

Check out the cute music video below: