Netizens appalled as artist drops song titled after a drug

Vocalist and actress Yoo Sun Eun is set to release the music video for her upcoming track “Marihuana” as she released a preview video for the track on July 31st.

As the video first showcased an outdoor view, the video transitioned to showcasing Yoo Sung Eun in what looks to be a photoshoot. Throughout the video, the vocalist appeared in a bright setting while clothed in stripes as the soothing track can be heard in the background.

Meanwhile, Yoo Sun Eun released the music video for “Healing” and “Be Ok” in 2013 where she followed by breaking into the Korean drama scene playing the role of Lee Woo Ri in Mnet‘s Persevere, Goo Hae Rae.

While the vocals and the teaser gives the song a very smooth melodic feeling netizens who came across thin song seemed in shock over the title of the song.

[+ 34, – 1] Marihuana in Korean is ‘Marijuana’ the drug. Did this song with the title ‘Marijuana’ really get past the censorship committee?

[+ 31, – 0] What is this possible for a song title??? Marihuana???

[+ 15, – 1] I remember that a while ago a song got banned because it had the word ‘alcohol’ in it now SNSD ‘Party’ has lemon soju and tequila in its lyrics. It’s come to the point where songs are titled Marihuana are they insane?

Source: Sports Donga