REX.D shares parody of “K-POP STAR 4” Lee Jin Ah

On February 4th, REX.D shared a short parody clip of the SBS K-POP STAR 4’s contestant Lee Jin Ah.

Lee Jin Ah has been labeled and recognized as the songwriter contestant with unusually soothing vocals. This singer-songwriter’s voice is very unique and was even described and said to sound like she had breathed in helium gas. Lee Jin Ah has consistently received praise for the music she composed herself and is currently the ace representative of Antenna Music.

REX.D is known by his fans to have slightly raspy and husky vocals when he sings and raps, so it made fans laugh when he made an attempt to sing like Lee Jin Ah. The song REX.D chose to parody is one of Lee Jin Ah’s biggest hits, “Time, Please Move Slowly.” Instead of sounding soothing and high-pitched, REX.D ended up sounding more nasally and ends up laughing at the end of the clip.

Recently, REX.D had shared a surprise cover for his fans of IU’s “Friday” and a behind the scenes video teaser of his rapping as well.

Watch REX.D’s parody along with Lee Jin Ah’s live performance on K-Pop Star 4!

렉진아 #시간아_천천히 #똑같네

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