TEEN TOP reveals behind the scenes video for “I’m Sorry”

TEEN TOP shows both playful and serious attitudes in their latest episode of TEEN TOP On Air, which reveals the making of their newest music video for “I’m Sorry.”

TEEN TOP recently came back with their new music video “I’m Sorry” off of their repackaged album LOVE TWO ÉXITO  which was released on November 10th. The boys followed up their comeback by releasing a behind the scenes video from the filming of “I’m Sorry.”

The boys start off by taking a quick lunch break and making funny poses behind the camera. After enjoying a good amount of rest, the members head into the garage where they film their  music video. Between short pauses after each take, the boys dance around playfully to pass time. Acting childish at first, TEEN TOP quickly transforms and becomes serious and professional during  filming for their music video.

After wrapping up a day of hard work, TEEN TOP finally finishes their recording and thanks the cast for working hard while cheering for themselves.

Check out the video below!