Block B

Zico’s Agency KOZ Entertainment Opens First Global Boy Group Auditions

They are ready to find the next-generation boy group!

Block B’s P.O. Requests To Postpone Military Service To December

He will focus on his activities until the end of this year.

Block B Continue Rising In The Charts 3 Years After Their Last Group Comeback

“Seeing Block B climb the charts every week is hilarious 😂”

Netizens Can’t Tell If This Photo Is Of Block B’s Zico Or iKON’s Bobby

Who do you think it is?

Block B’s B-Bomb Discharged From Military, Plans To Meet Fans Through Special Live Broadcast

He’s back!

Song Ha Yea’s Agency CEO Allegedly Was Behind The Exposure Of Block B Park Kyung’s School Violence Due To Him Accusing Her Of Sajaegi

“I’ll make sure he can never step a foot into the industry again.”

Block B’s Park Kyung To Enlist In The Military On October 19

His time has come.

Zico’s Past Remarks Resurface In Light Of Block B Park Kyung’s Bullying Controversy

They’re known to be best friends.

Block B’s Park Kyung Personally Admits To School Violence And Bullying

He claims he was a victim before he became a bully.

Block B’s Park Kyung Slapped With A Fine For Revealing Names Of Singers Accused Of Chart Manipulation

He only had good intentions.