Coming together through the survival program I-LAND, the septet was formed with the goal of creating a next-generation leading K-Pop artist.

With their burning passion and drive, even before debut, they had already succeeded in achieving that goal. Further setting them apart as leading artists, these 7 guys continue to captivate with their wide range of skills and intriguing concepts as well as through their strong connection with fans.

Here Are The Top 8 K-Pop Idols Who Are Deemed As True “All Rounders,” According To Netizens

They can sing, dance, and rap… #unfair!

ENHYPEN Goes All In With New Hair Colors For All 7 Members

We can’t seem to choose a favorite 😭

TXT’s Dorm Rule Was So Clever They Passed It Onto ENHYPEN

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ENHYPEN’s Sunghoon Stuns With New Silver Blond Hair

He looks amazing!

TXT’s Soobin Picks His Favorite ENHYPEN Song

From the dance to the song, Soobin’s taste was top tier.

ENHYPEN’s Ni-Ki And Jake Break Down In Tears At Concert

They both couldn’t hold back tears when speaking about their families.

ENHYPEN’s Jungwon Apologizes For His Comment On College Entrance Exams

He apologized ahead of their fanmeeting.

ENHYPEN Jungwon’s Comments About The Entrance Exam Draw Mixed Reactions

Some think it was lighthearted while others believe it was insensitive.

ENHYPEN Becomes Second Best-Selling Album By A Fourth Generation K-Pop Group

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ENHYPEN’s Jungwon And Jay Just Can’t Stop Clowning This Funny I-Land Moment

Life’s too short to not laugh as you go, and with who else other than your fellow members?