f(x) Members Congratulates The Group And Each Other On Their 12th Anniversary

Congratulations to the girls!

f(x)’s Amber Hilariously Dropped By Krystal’s Instagram Just To Remind Her To Send A Reply

Amber just wanted Krystal to reply to her!

f(x)’s Krystal To Make Her K-Drama Comeback With Rom-Com Drama “Crazy Love”

Krystal never rests!

7 Times f(x) Members Went Viral Online, For Completely Unexpected Reasons

f(x) is just full of surprises.

GOT7’s Jackson Wang Was Worried F(x)’s Amber Liu Was Kidnapped When She Called To Borrow Money

Get you a friend like Jackson Wang!

Jessica Jung Shed Tears Once She Realized She Can’t Be Drinking Buddies With Her Sister, f(x)’s Krystal

Wine night changed directions when Jessica opened a Q&A.

F(x)’s Luna Reveals Amber Had To Make “All Mine” Music Video Without SM’s Help

“If *they* won’t make an f(x) music video, I will.”

F(x)’s Amber Liu Reveals Title And Release Date Of Upcoming Solo Album

We can’t wait for new music from Amber!

F(x)’s Amber Liu Releases Comeback Single With BTOB’s Peniel

This time, she is focusing on vocals and leaving the rapping to Peniel. 

F(x)’s Victoria Officially Leaves SM Entertainment

All 4 f(x) members have left SM Entertainment.