From their rookie days until now, the fierce and confident quintet have been setting themselves apart as the ultimate girl crush.

In addition to their signature powerful sound and style, they’ve always taken the girl crush concept to the next level sharing empowering messages of self-love, confidence, and not letting anyone define you.

TWICE Thank ITZY’s Yeji For Her Gift To Celebrate Their Comeback With “Alcohol-Free”

The gift is VERY theme-appropriate!

JYPE Reveals Case Details And Requests Reinvestigation Against ITZY Lia’s Alleged Bullying Victim

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JYP Responds To The Clearance Of Defamation Charges Against Alleged Bullying Victim Of ITZY’s Lia

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7 Times ITZY Didn’t Bother Hiding How Much They Love BLACKPINK

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ITZY’s Ryujin Shocks Fans With Her New Slender Body In Instagram Photos

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ITZY’s Yuna Couldn’t Stop Crying After Hearing Chaeryeong’s Kind-Hearted Words

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