What's Happening In Korea

What's Happening In Korea

A Soldier’s Harrowing Insight Into Sexual Violence In South Korea’s Military

“The perpetrators prey on that. They know that female officers cannot report anyway.”

“Sixth Sense” Members Jessi And Mijoo Share A Harmless Joke About Their Periods And Unexpectedly Spark A Heated Debate

The internet is fiercely divided between those who “can take a joke” vs. those who “value respect and boundaries.”

The Mystery Involving A Dead Husband And A Cheating Wife That Has Captivated Korea

All of Korea is eager to see what other twists and turns this sad mystery is still withholding. 

Korean TikToker Clarifies His Video Mimicking IVE’s Wonyoung After Getting Backlash From Fans

“I acknowledge that the video may have been offensive…”

K-Dramas Are Evolving: Netflix Brings The Biggest Change In Production Trend

And the change is here to stay!

HYBE’s Next Plan? To “Cut Reliance On BTS” By Pursuing Game Development, According To Korean Industry Insiders

Will games become the “sustainable cash cow” for HYBE?

BTS’s Military Service, Current Public Opinion, And What Will Happen This Month

Here are the latest poll results, and more.

ARMY Asks South Korean Politicians To “Stop Using” BTS Politically

Fans were upset by media reports that BTS would perform at the presidential inauguration.

Korean High School Girl Exposes Male Art Teacher In His 40s For Pursuing Her Romantically, Stirring Rage Online

“It’s true that I saw you as a woman but…”

BTS Showcase Their Effortless Visuals On The Way To America, Turning Incheon Airport Into Their Own Personal Runway

From long hair, pure visuals, and even a Mute Boston Bag, BTS slayed!