Idol Struggles & Victories

Idol Struggles & Victories

DAY6’s Jae Says He Has Found Freedom “For The First Time In Ten Years”

He updated fans about his future.

DAY6’s Jae Shuts Down Rumors And Reassures Fans Following Speculation That He Might Leave JYPE

He doesn’t want fans to worry.

DAY6’s Jae Bares His Soul During Emotional Instagram Live—Fans Worried He’s Leaving JYPE, Here’s What Happened

He revealed what’s really been going on behind the scenes.

Here’s What Waiting Rooms Are Really Like For Some Idol Groups On “M Countdown,” According To A Former K-Pop Idol

“It’s why I dislike Mnet…”

CL Once Revealed How She Was Comforted By Beyoncé During One Of The Most Difficult Times Of Her Life

They’re both queens with big hearts.

BLACKPINK’s Lisa Opens Up About The Hardships She Faced As A 14-Year Old Trainee

Many things surprised her.

BTS’s Suga Gave The Most Helpful Advice To People Who Struggle With Insecurity About Their Work

Everyone needs to hear this.

MAMAMOO’s Solar Reveals Her Pre-Debut Struggles And Offers Advice To Current Trainees

“It’s important to know that moment is coming.”

BTS’s Jin Opens Up About His Struggles Learning To Sing & Dance, From Trainee Days To Now

Jin has worked so hard to become the incredible performer he is today 🥺

BLACKPINK’s Rosé Shares The Struggles Of Going From Schoolgirl To K-Pop Star

It wasn’t easy!