23 Times The Second “E” in SHINee Stood For Extra

SHINee is, without a doubt, one of the most extra groups in K-Pop. They are always trying to do the most, so… here is a humble attempt at remembering some of those moments.

1. Introducing themselves in the most extra way possible at SMTOWN Live

2. “Walking” down a hallway

3. Attending year-end award show events like kings

4. Watching EXO Kai’s VCR during an event and reacting with the most

5. “The most extra game of Rock, Paper, Scissors” in history

6. This truly full-bodied laugh that deserves it’s own official name

7. This totally necessary moment during an award show win

8. Jonghyun just going so hard on this dance he actually falls + Minho’s laugh

9. Knowing exactly what do to when caught on camera

10. The only proper reactions to fireworks, really

11. Totally destroying SHAWOLs with their amazing dances (friendly advice: wait for the end)

12. Celebrating Seohyun’s concert

13. Crushing the “Macarena” the way only Minho can

14. Being as melodramatic as humanly possible

15. When they got spooked at a haunted house and reacted with their whole bodies

16. Everything about this photo series

17. This unforgettable moment where they were all killing it but then Key came in with The Most

18. When they had this melodramatic moment on stage


19. When Jonghyun went hard on showing his manly side and talents


20. When Key aimed to kill during this special stage of “Everybody”


21. When Minho looked ready to jump Key


22. When Onew was extra extra cute while thanking fans

23. The Greatest Moment In SNL Korea History