ARMYs Speculate “KSJ1” Is On Its Way As BTS’s Jin Travels To LA

He’s not traveling alone.

ARMYs speculate that BTS‘s Jin is currently working on his solo album.

BTS’s Jin | Weverse

Earlier this year, BTS announced that they would be taking a period to prioritize solo activities, such as releasing solo albumsJ-Hope is the first to do so with Jack In The Box.

BTS’s J-Hope | @uarmyhope/Instagram

Now, Jin is speculated to be working on his solo album titled KSJ1 by ARMYs.

On September 11, Jin traveled from South Korea to Los Angeles, California.

Jin quickly became a trending topic on social media as ARMYs wished him a safe trip.

That’s not all, though. Many speculate that his trip was due to a new project, specifically a solo album.

While he was not joined by his members, he was not alone. And, no, we’re not just talking about RJ!

Apparently, many BIGHIT MUSIC staff joined him on his trip. All the staff that one would need for a big project, such as stylists, were there.

Not only that, but Jin is going to Los Angeles, likely to join two already there: BTS and HYBE‘s founder and chairman Bang Si Hyuk (also known as Hitman Bang or Bang PD) and music video director Lumpens.

Lumpens has worked with BTS on many of their iconic music videos, including Jin’s solo “Epiphany.” So, it seems he would probably be the one to direct Jin’s next solo music videos.

Additionally, Director of Photography Nam Hyun Woo is apparently in Los Angeles already too. He has worked on many of BTS’s music videos as well.

If that was not enough to make one suspicious that Jin is, in fact, working on KSJ1, allegedly, he himself said that he would be in Los Angeles for both music and a photoshoot.

So, ARMYs are very hopeful that KSJ1 is finally happening!

Similarly, observant ARMYs speculated that Jimin has been working on his solo album. Read more below.

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