Boys fought over Girl’s Day’s Hyeri in her high school years?

It looks like Girls’ Day‘s Hyeri is a natural-born beauty. On the October 21st episode of the KBS quiz show 1 vs 100, Hyeri appeared on the stage to compete against 100 opponents.

During the show, Hyeri was asked by the host of the show Han Suk Joon about her high school year popularity, stating her nickname, “Jamsil Goddess”. Hyeri replied by saying, “I wasn’t that popular. I was one of those next-door neighbor girl who was quiet and studious.”

But Han Suk Joon did not stop there and asked her about the rumor supposing there was a big rumble between a group of  boys over who would become Hyeri’s boyfriend, surprising the audience. But unfortunately, the story was exaggerated too much and Hyeri told the audience that it was a small, petty fight rather than a big brawl.

Still, it wouldn’t be surprising if there was a big rumble over who gets the “Jamsil Goddess”.

Source: Newsen