DSP Media reveals “DSP Girls” official team name

DSP Media‘s anticipated new girl group has finally been given a team name with the agency announcing an estimated time frame on when they will be making their will be debuting as well. 

Currently known to fans as “DSP Girls,” DSP Media recently revealed that the team’s name has been chosen as “April.” In addition, the agency further reveals that April will be making their debut sometimes in the first half of 2015, exciting fans who have been eagerly awaiting the new girl group.

Furthermore, the members of April were recruited and built through MBC‘s KARA Project, a reality show consisting seven contestants and was used to recruit the fourth member of KARA, Heo Youngji. Through this survival show, fans were able to grow familiar with the other contestants, and it is estimated that each members of April have already gained thousands of fans despite not having made their official debut yet.

Are you ready to greet new girl group April in 2015?

Source: Daily Finance