FAMOUS K-pop doctor fears idols’ health to be at EXTREME risk

On famous Korean online forum, Instiz, a post titled “The Problem With Dancing Idols” recently went viral.

The post used a past article about a doctor speaking about health risks involved in being a top class K-Pop idol.

Previously on an MBC variety program called “World Changing Quiz”, Dr. Ko an extremely celebrated doctor who treats many K-Pop idols stated, “Many K-Pop idols run the risk of  aging 15 years faster compared to a normal person. Many who come to me for check ups are in extremely terrible state. Despite their young age, many of their discs are worn out and in these cases they run high risk of developing severe health issues by the time they are 40”.

The poster also talked about a specific episode of “A Song For You” where Super Junior members confessed that 10 years into debut as a dancing K-Pop group, their body has deteriorated to the point where it hurts to perform choreography. Shindong stated, “It would be a lie to say it’s not painful and tiring as a 10 year veteran K-Pop idol group but we know we all have to work hard despite this pain.”

Source: Instiz, MBN