[★TRENDING] Luhan’s friend claims reports of Luhan earning $490,000 are false

Korean media have reported that Luhan‘s best friend Gao (高) has stated Luhan’s earnings of $498,000 USD are fabricated and are not true at all as reported previously by the media. In a personal message on Weibo, Luhan’s friend was reported to have defended the artist in his earnings. Earlier in the week, reports of the alleged stories regarding income distribution have surfaced as well. They allegedly report Luhan earned 530,000,000 KRW (approximately $498,000 USD) for his promotional activities since October 2013 with as an EXO member. According to Luhan’s  representatives, the compensation was far too little relative to the extent of their busy schedules and popularity.

Luhan’s best friend Gao(高) posted on his personal Weibo, “Luhan himself, family, and friends have never held an interview with media press overseas. The reports that claim Luhan’s statement are not true. I hope the false oversea’s reports are not misused again by the Korean media presses. Thank you.”

Stay tuned for more news regarding Luhan’s case with SM Entertainment.

Source: TV Daily