Netizens Are Obsessed With TWICE Chaeyoung’s Artsy Instagram Aesthetic 

Some photos are questionable…but cool!

TWICE‘s Chaeyoung loves to be creative and has her own unique vibe. From her artsy fashion…

…to her collection of tattoos, everything about her just screams “Chaeyoung!”

Even her Instagram feed shows this funky side of her. She posts all kinds of strange photos, from pieces of art to blurry photos — and everything in between!

“Even if she lived as a commoner, I feel like she would’ve been such a famous influencer,” a netizen says about her trendy and aesthetic photos.

Her gorgeous visuals, combined with her own creative style, would make her a hit on social media even if she wasn’t a TWICE member.

Her unique collection of photos and artsy theme make her a “must-follow.”

It’s hard not to fall for Chaeyoung’s one-of-a-kind charms!