TWICE Members Spotted Having a Casual Night out in Thailand

They made everyone jealous with their exciting night in Thailand.

On February 24, TWICE uploaded new photos along with the caption, “In Thailand! The night market was so much fun!! We’ll upload a video later!!

The photos show TWICE’s Momo, Tzuyu, and Nayeon enjoying a night out at a night market in comfortable clothing.

In the first few photos, the TWICE members can be seen posing together with the bright night market scene behind them.

The refreshing drinks they’re holding suggest how warm it must be over there despite it being February.

The post also consisted of a closeup of Momo enjoying a skewer of some sort.

And since it’s hard to fully imagine the vibe of the market with photos alone, Momo shot a short video that took a spinning shot of the bustling market.

Here’s hoping the TWICE members go on more fun and casual excursions abroad! They deserve it.

Source: Insight