TXT’s Soobin And OH MY GIRL’s Arin Pick The 2 Most Unforgettable Interviews In “Music Bank”

Out of the many interviews they’ve had, these stood out the most.

As MCs of KBS‘s Music Bank, it goes without saying that TXT‘s Soobin and OH MY GIRL‘s Arin have interviewed many people since they started hosting the show.

In a recent interview on KBS’s YouTube channel, they chose the two most unforgettable room interviews they’ve hosted. “Which waiting room interview was the most unforgettable in the first half?

Soobin picked the room interview with his very own group, TXT. Because of the group’s extreme excitement that time, he remembers that it “didn’t feel like an interview.”

Not just because I’m a team member, but I’m going to go with TXT. I mean, obviously, since we’re in a team together. We had high tension among us, but we were also just really excited before the interview. It was as if we were just playing around, and it didn’t even feel like an interview.

— Soobin

TXT (left) and Arin (right) | @KBS WORLD TV/YouTube

His good relationship with the members helped him avoid feeling even an ounce of nervousness. “I didn’t feel nervous at all, so I really enjoyed that interview.

Arin, on the other hand, chose their interview with soloist Jessi. Out of all the interviews, Jessi stood out the most to her because of her pleasant and funny personality.

I’m going to go with Jessi. We did two or three interviews with her, and she was always pleasant and hilarious during the interview. I think the two of us enjoyed the interview more, which is why I picked that episode.

— Arin

TXT’s Soobin (left), Jessi (center), and OH MY GIRL’s Arin (right) | KBS Music Bank

Catch more of Arin and Soobin in the full interview below.