BTS’s Jimin Reveals Whether Any Of His Dreams Came True, And His Members Are Shook

Jimin is truly goals!

People spend their lives wishing for things, and on a few occasions, they might come true. BTS‘s Jimin recently proved that if you work hard enough, all your wishes can come true.

| @BTS_twt/Twitter

To celebrate the group’s anniversary, BTS recently held an ARMY Corner Store as part of their 2021 FESTA, where they had a look back on some memories from their career.

During one of the segments, the group discussed some of their wishes. Before writing them down, maknae Jungkook asked the members if they had ever wished for something that eventually came true?

Without even a second thought, Jimin answered, saying, “All my dreams came true.” He then added that this dated back to before he even debuted and even after.

Jungkook couldn’t believe it, double-checking with Jimin if he was actually serious. Jimin pointed out that it was true, and it was even still happening now!

I wanted to go to an arts school, and I went. I wanted to come to Seoul, and I took an audition, and I came. I wanted to debut, so I did, and I wanted to win, so I did.

— Jimin

It seemed like the other members were just as shocked, and who can blame them? While V was stunned, Jungkook said that he wants to follow Jimin’s lead and achieve everything he wishes for!

However, hard work always pays off. Is it any surprise that Jimin has achieved everything he set his mind to?

You can watch the whole video below.