BTS Is Trolling ARMYs Hard on Twitter for April Fools’ Day

Jin and a shrimp.

On April 1, BTS gave their official Twitter a brand new makeover and caught ARMY’s off guard.

Instead of the group photo of BTS that was previously their background photo, they changed it to a photo of Jin holding a very big shrimp.

What’s more, is that Jin held the shrimp as if it was a phone and kept a very straight expression on his face. In addition, they also changed the profile name to emoticons of a man and a shrimp, along with the caption, “Hello?

But that wasn’t the end of it. Shortly afterward, the background photo changed again to a sweet photo of Suga and J-Hope.

Along with the photo change, they also changed the profile name to “SOPE” which is a combination of Suga and J-Hope’s names, and added the caption, “DM us for questions regarding events! We’re available to go anywhere within Korea!” and a post that reads, “Korea is number one! We’re SOPE.

In the midst of BTS’s hilarious April Fools pranks, there is growing anticipation for what more could be in store from other members.


Source: Insight