DIA Jooeun has a hairstyle that’s never been done before in K-Pop

DIA member Jooeun’s unique bangs have gained a lot of attention from fans. 

Jooeun’s bangs are cut straight just above her eyebrow line and usually swept to the sides with two longer length bangs to help frame her face.

This style is known as “7:3 bangs” or “3:7 bangs” depending on where the part is and are all about keeping a balanced look on the face.

Typically, this style is considered a “girly girl” look and is actually a fairly common style in Japan.

Often, 7:3 or 3:7 bangs are seen sported by university students in their twenties or girls in the their late teens.

Jooeun has successfully brought the style over to Korea, with many fans expressing their desire to try out the look.