G-Dragon’s “Untitled 2014” MV accomplished something that’s normally impossible

G-Dragon‘s music video for “Untitled 2014” finished filming in under an hour, a feat that was considered impossible.

G-Dragon recently released his newest album, Kwon Ji Yong, achieved an incredible feat by finishing the filming for his music video in just one hour.

The director, Han Sa Min, expressed he wanted to convey the emotions behind the lyrics of the song, and so he took close-up shots of  G-Dragon emotionally performing it while he took close-up shots to capture the emotions.

He also spent two days on preparing multiple filming sets so that they could shoot several takes over a few days and choose the best scenes to put together, but filming schedules for the music video were cut short after G-Dragon finished it in just one take.

Filming a music video is said to take at least 2 to 3 days, as the sets are often changed throughout the filming, and resulting in multiple takes of the same scene. According to sources, filming a music video in under an hour is extremely rare, as well as filming the entire music video in one take.

According to the director, he never stopped filming G-Dragon convey his emotions while performing the song, and even canceled plans to shoot several more takes the next day, because he believed this one take was enough for the music video.

“There’s no need to film anymore. There are other sets prepared for tomorrow, but I don’t think we need to film anymore.”

— Director Han Sa Min

Watch the incredible music video below!

Source: Korea Daily