Does Heechul Still Have A Crush On TWICE’s Momo?

Here’s the latest update on the Heechul x Momo ship:

Super Junior‘s Heechul has been a huge fan of TWICE from the very beginning and is never shy about letting everyone know it. He’s especially fond of Momo and throughout the years, has shown the whole world that he’s got a major crush on the girl group member but the question is, does he still have a crush on her?


Everyone first noticed Heechul’s love for Momo on one episode of Weekly Idol. He gushed about Momo’s beauty and turned into a shy fanboy when she made an appearance on the show!

Especially when she surprised Heechul with “Nico Nico Nii!” and made his heart rate skyrocket!


From there, Heechul showed his Momo expertise when he impersonated her dance moves on an episode of Knowing Brothers. His performance actually became a viral hit in Korea!


Then he revealed his puppy’s name was Zorr because it sounded like Momo’s first line in “Cheer Up”!


He also couldn’t hide his extreme happiness after receiving the fish eye from Momo during one program…


Or the time he got way too into his skit with Momo and actually gave her a love confession!


Not to mention that one time where he practically called Momo his wife!


Most recently, during TWICE’s latest appearance on Knowing Brothers in 2018, the two shot a short video together further proving that Heechul’s crush on Momo is still going strong!