The Most Difficult Part About Being Homeless In Korea Will Break Your Heart

Homeless people want access to the same things as average Koreans.

An Asian Boss reporter interviewed a homeless man by the name of Seong Weon Sang to give a look into Korea’s homeless population.

Homeless people sleeping in the Korean subway. | Park Sang Moon/Korea JoongAng Daily

One of the points of interest was what was “most difficult about living on the streets” of Korea.

Rather than wanting to keep warm in the winters or having a hearty meal, Seong Weon Sang’s wish was much more heartbreaking.

Seong Weon Sang

He wanted to do the very same things average citizens took for granted. Seong Weon Sang expressed how much he wanted to visit stores for a cup of coffee or to pick out new clothing.

Just like normal people, we also want to go to cafes, go to the market, go window shopping, or choose and buy things too.

— Seong Weon Sang

Because of how homeless people are treated in Korea, they’re not allowed to do such basic things. He continued, “Go to a restaurant and buy things we want to eat…I feel bad that we can’t do those things in reality.

Listen to Seong Weon Sang shed light on the simple pleasures that Koreans take for granted and exclude homeless people from having access to.

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