This Woman’s Fitness Transformation Is Inspiring AND Jaw-Dropping

Fitness enthusiast Kyu Rin really is the definition of #bodygoals and her before and after will motivate you to start hitting the gym!

Though her figure may be slender and toned now, it didn’t get that way overnight.

The results of Kyu Rin's diet and exercise in just a few months.

She posted a progress picture on Instagram to remind herself why she was working so hard in the first place and it’s amazing how her hard work really paid off.

Kyu Rin commented that she had been slacking a bit recently and needed to look back at her old photos and remember her goals! 

It’s clear that even though she has been “slacking a bit”, her body is in a completely different place now. 

It’s amazing to see how far she’s come and how incredible her body looks.

Kyu Rin's getting some help from protein powder.

She says that her body transformation is a combination of constant exercising and strict dietary plans.

Kyu Rin So slender, yet so curvy.

She is extremely happy and confident about her new body and is proud of how hard she’s worked for it.

Kyu Rin's sexy lines.