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MAMAMOO’s Wheein Releases An Official Statement About Her Leaving RBW Entertainment

She released it through her personal Instagram.

APRIL’s Jinsol Releases Personal Statement Denying Former Member Hyunjoo’s Bullying Accusations

She denied all allegations.

Weverse Apologizes To GFRIEND’s Fans Regarding The Sudden Conclusion Of Artist Contract And The Leak Of Personal Information

Previously, fans had their personal information leaked.

The Way A Luxury Brand Once Hired An Entire Fleet Of Bodyguards For WayV’s Lucas

He’s precious cargo.

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Here’s Just How Gorgeous BLACKPINK’s Jennie Looks In Unedited, Non-Professionally Taken Photos

We hope to be blessed by seeing her in real life.

A Fan Once Gave Jang Wonyoung Cold Hard Cash As A Fan Gift

He also gave her an iPhone and AirPods.

Weverse Now Allows Refunds For Fans Of GFRIEND, But They Made One Fatal Mistake In The Process

Personal information of Buddies were leaked.

Girl’s Day’s Hyeri Thanks BLACKPINK’s Rosé For The Thoughtful Gesture On The Set Of Her New K-Drama

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