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Choi Sung Min Talks About The Famous Video Of Him Suddenly Hugging IZ*ONE’s Choi Yena Mid-Performance

He explains the meaning behind his affection for his younger sister.

“Jirisan” Investors Panic After The K-Drama Gets Criticized And Fails To Live Up To Its Expectations

They’re seeing a big loss following the series’ premiere.

A Video Of A Model’s Unapproved 12 Inch Haircut Goes Viral In South Korea As Netizens Express Their Anger

They could not believe the audacity of the hairdresser.

Eliminated “Girls Planet 999” Trainee Trends On Twitter As Fans Demand For Her Debut

Warning: spoilers inside.

Somi’s Recent Instagram Story Featured A Surprising aespa Guest — Or So Netizens Think

And this is the definition of two pretty best friends.

Belated Issues Arise Regarding Anupam Tripathi’s “Squid Game” Casting — And It’s Related To The India-Pakistan Conflict

Pakistani viewers have expressed their discomfort.

Super Junior’s Shindong Confesses He Discovered Aespa’s Karina Way Before SM Entertainment Did

She was destined to become a part of the label!

TXT’s Yeonjun And Taehyun Receive Praise For Their Flawless Cover Of The Kid LAROI And Justin Bieber’s “STAY”

It’s so good that even Justin Bieber liked it!

“Squid Game”‘s Jung Ho Yeon Won A Cash Prize But She Shared Half Of It With A Surprising Girl Group Member

They’re friends because of Jung Ho Yeon’s boyfriend!

Japanese Media Claims That “Squid Game”‘s Popularity Was Only Possible Due To “Chart Manipulation”

The author claimed the show’s ranking can be manipulated “just like K-Pop.”